Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd

Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd was formed in 1984 as the result of a management buyout from parent company Baker Perkins. The experience gained from working as the company’s foundry division was channeled into the new enterprise, which set out on a program of growth and development which continues to this day.

Omega Sinto has become a world-class manufacturer of foundry machinery, offering a wide range of products which includes sand mixers, mould handling equipment, shakeouts, thermal sand reclamation plants, core shooters and coating plants. Omega Sinto is also capable of assisting with layout and design of new foundries on greenfield sites and in expanding existing ones. The company operates around the world and employs over 150 personnel.

To generate and sustain growth, Omega has formed global strategic companies: Tinker Omega LLC was formed in 2000 to serve North America and Mexico; Omega Sane Foundry Machinery PVT Ltd was also formed in 2009 to support our sales and service in India. Finally, WES Omega Foundry Machinery PTY in 2012 and WES Omega Malaysia and ENDECO Omega (PTY) Ltd in 2014 joined to handle business in Australasia and the Far East, as well as in South Africa. Omega also has representative offices in Turkey and China

Acquisitions & JV's:

In 2009 Richards Engineering and Fordath were acquired from parent holding company – Vulcan Engineering Inc. Richards were one of the pioneers of thermal reclamation and have more references in the field than any other competitor. The integration of this product range along with other ancillary items such as chromite reclamation and coating plants.

Markets Served:

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. serves the needs of foundries throughout Europe, Russia, Northern Africa, Middle East, China, the Pacific Rim, Australia, and portions of South America. North America, Canada, and Mexico is served by our sister company - Tinker Omega.