Over the last 30 years Omega has developed a comprehensive range of high speed continuous mixers ranging from the II Series ‘Basic’ mixer to the high speed ‘Turbo’ design. The II Series mixer has the well proven ‘half-moon’ blade design and a split tube mixing trough with removable shaft for ease of cleaning. The III Series mixer has the same ‘half-moon’ blade design but incorporates the latest side opening trough doors for even better cleaning access. The ‘T’ or Turbo mixer uses the high speed paddle blades with the same side opening trough doors as the III series mixer.

All three models start with a very high level of standard specification but can also be fitted with wide range of additional options as required. Standard features include - air-assist atomisation with calibration valves on each chemical inlet, full set of tungsten carbide tipped mixing blades (except ‘Basic’ model), multiple pump programs, plc control with colour touch-screen interface (except ‘Basic’ model), magnetically driven hardener/catalyst pumps and resin/catalyst pump inlet strainers. All models are also available in pivotal, belt or screw articulated, portable or mobile format.

The Spartan mixer range benefits from Omega’s vast knowledge of worldwide mixing demands and developments which makes the Spartan mixer the best choice for today’s no-bake foundry.