Gamma Vator

Gamma Vator

| Sand Reclamation

The GammaVator is available in GV1 with a 0.15T deck load and GV3 with 0.5T deck load. The GammaVator can be ordered as an individual part or integrated into a complete foundry system.
The GammaVator systems have fully-enclosed integrated ladders that elevate sand without any moving parts, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. Its low-level deck eases the loading of moulds into the system, which can be fed directly from the cooling line.
The GammaVator also has an optional fluidised discharge for fines removal. For more information, call our sand reclamation experts on +44 (0) 1733 232 231.
  • Integrated, fully-enclosed ladder
  • Heavy duty shakeout deck made from S.G. iron (GV3)
  • Low-level loading that can be fed directly from the cooling line
  • Low overall maintenance
  • Available in two sizes with a maximum deck load of 0.5T
  • No pits or special foundations required.

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Gamma Vator
The Omega Sinto GammaVator is available in two models, 1 and 3TPH. The units have an integral shakeout deck, elevator, and optional fluidised discharge for fines removal.
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