Shakeout Decks

Shakeout Decks

| Sand Reclamation

Omega Sinto’s shakeout decks are installed with lateral movement arresters, which prevent damage to the springs and the body during operation. The skirt surrounding the heavy-duty Hardox deck catches sand spillage, reducing clean up on the foundry floor and eliminating waste.
Omega Sinto offers the option to install a cardan shaft with oil splash lubrication with the shakeout deck to further enhance the sand reclamation process. For more information or to discuss specification in greater detail, get in touch with our expert team, today.
  • Lateral movement arrester to prevent damage and improve longevity
  • Anti-spill skirt to collect excess sand
  • Heavy-duty Hardox wear-resistant deck bars
  • Optional cardan shaft with oil splash lubrication

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Shakeout Decks
For very large applications up to 100T deck load, a standalone shakeout will quickly and efficiently break down the mould to lump size for further processing downstream.
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