Thermal Reclamation

Thermal Reclamation

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Omega has a full range of gas-fired reclamation plants available, with outputs up to 12TPH for the complete reclamation of all organic binder sand systems. The patented Dead Bed design allows three years standard guarantee on furnace lining and bubble caps by protecting the ceramic insulation from heat and abrasion.
The unit comes with stainless steel bubble caps providing the fluidisation of sand while introducing a gas/air combination into the furnace. Equipped with a heat exchanger as standard, the thermal reclamation unit reduces gas consumption by taking thermal energy from the hot sand and using it to heat the fluidisation air. Minimal maintenance is needed with this equipment, improving reliability, ease of use and eliminating downtime.
A chiller outlet module and an alkaline phenolic additive system can be added to the unit depending on individual foundry requirements.
Our thermal reclamation equipment can aid the quality of greensand reclamation and inorganic reclamation. Using our full system, greensand foundries can expect a yield of up to 70% while inorganic reclamation offers a re-use yield of up to 90%.
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TPH equals tonnes per hour.
  • Patented Dead Bed design with a three-year guarantee on furnace linings and bubble caps
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Heat exchanger recycles thermal energy from hot sand to heat the fluidising air
  • Long-life stainless steel bubble caps for introduction of the gas/air mix
  • Optional additions to the unit can be supplied including alkaline phenolic additive system and chiller outlet module
  • Sizes from 0.25-12TPH

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