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Omega Sinto Carousel

Omega Carousel

| Mould Handling

Omega Sinto has six and eight station carousel systems available for standalone applications as well as for integration into semi-automatic moulding plants. They are an excellent space saving alternative to fast loop mould handling systems and offer a variety of other benefits.
The carousel systems feature a peripheral friction drive which auto-adjusts to the rim of the carousel resulting in a low maintenance design. The encoder has been developed to ensure accurate positioning of each station and is very easy to set up. The carousel system also includes a high-end push/lift cylinder for effortless pattern ejection between the carousel, rollover and compaction table. This smooth transition improves the efficiency of the foundry workflow, resulting in an easy-to-manage process.
Omega Sinto carousel systems are available in three sizes, capable of holding half moulds up to 475mm with a maximum pattern size of 1600mm x 1200mm. For more information, call our mould handling experts on +44 (0) 1733 237012.
  • High productivity
  • Peripheral friction drive which auto-adjusts to the carousel rim
  • Very low maintenance design
  • An encoder ensures accurate positioning of each station
  • Smooth transition between carousel, rollover and compaction table
  • Available in three sizes with a maximum pattern size of 1600mm x 1200m.

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