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Omega Sinto Flood Coater

Omega Flood Coater

| Mould Handling

With numerous flood coating systems available, Omega Sinto is able to provide a comprehensive mould handling solution for casting foundries around the globe. We pride ourselves on our versatility, delivering both semi-auto and manual flood coating units for easy integration into a variety of different systems.
Omega Sinto provides four different standard floor coating systems:
The off-line flood coater provides a unique arm design, ideal for integration into advanced production lines. The manual flood coater delivers a more cost-effective solution, suitable for use in smaller foundries. Built into the floor, the in-line tilt flood coater offers unrivalled versatility through its semi-automatic construction. Finally, the in-line rollover flood coater combines the best aspects of a rollover and flood-coating machine, delivering optimal performance in larger projects.
Our standard machines cover sizes from 1000mm x 800mm to 3500mm x 2500mm, allowing for a multitude of industrial applications. In addition to this, Omega Sinto is able to provide bespoke options for systems requiring a mould size of up to 7000mm.
To learn more about our custom builds or to enquire about more detailed product specifications, please contact a member of the team on +44 (0) 1733 237012.
  • Four unique systems for a range of foundry requirements
  • Can use alcohol or water-based paints
  • Semi-automatic and manual solutions
  • Compatible with mould sizes from 1000mm x 800mm to 3500mm x 2500mm plus the ability to produce bespoke flood coating systems up to 7000mm x 2000mm

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