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Omega Sinto Mould Drying
Infra-red pre-drier
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Omega Mould Drying

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As part of our mould handling capabilities, Omega Sinto manufactures four different mould driers to efficiently dry water-based coatings.
We have also developed a flame off station for designed to burn off alcohol-based coatings. Omega Sinto also has various microwave drying ovens for core drying and an infrared pre-drier for curing the surface of the moulds before coating. 

Omega Sinto has developed all drying ovens to be energy efficient while providing a quality mould drying process. We can also design and manufacture bespoke mould drying ovens to suit the individual needs of any casting foundry. 

To find a drying oven that will meet the demands of your process, speak to the team at Omega Sinto today. 
  • Flame-off station for moulds with an alcohol-based coating
  • Industrial microwave drier for cores
  • Infrared pre-drier for curing the surface of moulds before coating
  • Convection tunnel drier for the production of high-volume moulds

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Omega Sinto has a full range of semi-automatic mechanised mould handling systems. Choose from carousel, fast loop or shuttle designs to suit the range of mould sizes produced.

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