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Omega Sinto Pouring and Cooling Lines

Pouring and Cooling Lines

| Mould Handling

Omega Sinto has developed an automatic mould pouring and cooling line to complete the mould handling process. For foundries producing high volumes of castings on a daily basis, an automatic pouring and cooling line is essential for the efficient running of the foundry. 

Featuring a specialised control panel, with the option of both mould tracking and cooling management software, moulds can be tracked throughout the pouring and cooling process and full control of cooling times and storage can be given.

The automatic line also includes a push-pull type hydraulic transfer car with an integrated loading pallet for safe a secure mould transfers to and from the line. The casting pallet with integral wheels also provides maximum protection to the casting lines and are easily maintained resulting in minimal downtime. 

Omega Sinto can tailor all the equipment for individual foundries and will work to ensure efficient use of space and increase maximum output. For more details on our automatic pouring and cooling lines, please get in touch with Omega Sinto today. 
  • Hydraulic push-pull type transfer car
  • Control panel with mould tracking and cooling management software as an option
  • Casting pallet with integral wheels for maximum protection and low maintenance
  • Bespoke solutions available for a range of foundry designs

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