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Omega Foundry Vac

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PORTABLE, COMPACT & POWERFUL The Omega Foundry Vac is the latest product to join the Omega equipment portofolio. This is the perfect foundry accessory with a suction conveying unit suitable­ for­ most­ sands, shot,­ powders,­ granular­ products and metal slag. The Vac handles up to 10 tonnes per ­hour ­of ­dry ­sand, based on 10 metre ­hose ­with ­bulk densities ­of ­material approx. 1600 (kg/m3) and it is effective over distances up to 30M.
  • Easily handled with a fork lift truck, the Foundry Vac weighs less than 2000kg.
  • Robust design for foundry environment
  • 750 litre capacity removable hopper for material collection
  • Simple operation with self cleaning cycle
  • Range of hose sizes & accessories to suit application (easily interchanged)
•A single operator using the vacuum can replace several labourers with shovels and bins
•The flexible hose and pick-up nozzle afford better access to inaccessible areas such as pits, reducing cleaning time
•The reductions in cleaning time and manpower will dramatically reduce costs•
•Cleaning with a vacuum can often be carried out, safely, during working hours, giving further cost savings and increased productivity
We have a Demo Unit at our Headquarters, in Peterborough , so don't take our word for it, come and try it! Contact [email protected] / [email protected] to book your trial or to ask for further information about the Omega Foundry Vac.

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