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PX2G Thermal Reclamation Plant (up to 1 TPH with LOI of 2%)
Reconditioned 2G furnace (fully re-lined with 3-year guarantee), heat exchanger and cooler classifier. New gas valve train, gas burners, pressure vessel and electrical control panel. Support steelwork can be included at extra cost.
Chromite separation plant comprising: (1TPH)
Vibratory feeder, Extraction hood, First stage magnetic separator, Second stage, magnetic separator, Fluidised bed and fan, Control panel, Chromite pressure vessel, Silica sand pressure vessel, Support steelwork
USR Secondary Attrition Cell 5-1 (5TPH)
Complete with ceramic drum, ceramic rollers, activating cylinders and drive motor. This unit can be sold as an ‘add-on’ to an existing USR system or as a stand-alone unit together with a new USR fluidised bed, dust separation chamber and control panel (additional cost).
G-1 Cooler Classifier & pneumatic conveying system comprising:


One (1) G-1 Cooler Classifier w/ Stand (480-3-60 Voltage) One (1) ATV-8 Dust Collector, Sized For G-1 CCL Drumlet Kit w/ Drum 15 HP Motor, 4,000 CFM, 12 inch Water gauge Blower Silencer Pulse Control 480-3-60 Operational Voltage One (1) PV-1 Pneumatic Sand Transporter, To Transport Sand From G-1 CCL One (1) Gamma Control Panel (480-3-60 Voltage) One (1) BAC Evaporative Cooling Tower, Sized For G-1 CCL 34 USGPM (155 litres / min) 82 Degrees F - 73 Degrees F @ 68F Wet Bulb (20 Degrees C) (1) 3-HP Fan, 480-3-60
G-6 TPH Cooler Classifier
Includes Stand and Blower, 480-3-60 Operation Voltage
Surplus stock - Savings of over 20% off the list price
Spartan Mixer Pivotal 305 PT Spartan Pivotal 310 PT Spartan Pivotal 320 PT
High-frequency compaction table with manual roller top. 10 to 600 lbs (5 to 275 KG) 40” x 40” Width Manual Roller (101 X 101 cm) Table Top Dual 0-90 VDC Electric Vibrators Adjustable Output Force Electric Controls With System Timers Operational Voltage 480-3-60

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