G15 Cooler Classifier

G15 Cooler Classifier

| Immediately Available Machine Stock

One (1) G-1 Cooler Classifier w/ Stand (480-3-60 Voltage)

One (1) ATV-8 Dust Collector, Sized For G-1 CCL

  • Drumlet Kit w/ Drum
  • 15 HP Motor, 4,000 CFM, 12 inch Water gauge
  • Blower Silencer
  • Pulse Control
  • 480-3-60 Operational Voltage

One (1) PV-1 Pneumatic Sand Transporter, To Transport Sand From G-1 CCL

One (1) Gamma Control Panel (480-3-60 Voltage)

One (1) BAC Evaporative Cooling Tower, Sized For G-1 CCL

  • 34 USGPM (155 litres / min)
  • 82 Degrees F - 73 Degrees F @ 68F Wet Bulb (20 Degrees C)
  • (1) 3-HP Fan, 480-3-60


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