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Omega 345 AB Articulated Belt Feed for Alkaline Phenolic

Ex-demo Omega 345 AB

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The Belt Jib is used if a quick changeover of different sand types is required because the high-speed belt has a low sand retention.
The conveyor belt is a 2 ply vulcanised rubber belt with a skid plate provided at the sand inlet to prevent spillage. The belt is supported on troughing and return rollers with a directly driven geared motor drive.
The Mixing Trough is constructed in two halves from heavy-duty 8mm steel plate each opening through 90° for fast cleaning and quick blade change.
The mixed sand discharge outlet is fully guarded with a stainless steel frame assembly that can be manually agitated to remove sand build-up.
The Mixing Shaft is made of solid steel bar that supports individual bolt-on tungsten tipped mixer blades. All blades can be arranged to suit the mixing process required.
The shaft is supported on heavy-duty flanged bearings at each end on the main frame external to the trough. The shaft drive is through a motor and v-belt pulley system.
Support Pedestal is a heavy duty steel support frame is provided braced for rigidity
with a top plate to  support the belt jib slewing ring.
Operator Control Station is positioned at the mixer outlet complete with operating buttons and an emergency stop.
The Pump/Control Cabinet Dust protection is surrounded by a sturdy base which incorporates a roof to prevent the ingress of dust inside the control cabinet when the door is opened
Two separate cabinets form the housing frame which is provided for easy maintenance and cleanliness and it contains two cabinets. The electrical control panel is protected to IP54.
The upper electric cabinet houses a Mitsubishi colour touchscreen self diagnostic fault finding facility with all necessary starters and controls to operate the mixer.
The lower pump cabinet houses the binder and catalyst pumps which are multi programmable for different recipes. The pumps are highly accurate magnetically driven gear pumps with no leakage
  • Comprehensive touch screen interface (multiple languages).
  • Motor ammeter with high Amp warning.
  • Material usage data collection.
  • 3 pump programmes.
  • One person calibration – delay and run timer
  • 3-Way calibration valve.
  • Air injection.
  • Full set of tungsten carbide mixer blades.
  • Mains air pressure monitoring.
  • All interconnecting pipes and cables supplied (apart from ‘Basic’ model).
  • Inverter control and strainers on all pumps.
  • Binder levels as low as 0.7% achievable (based on high FA furan resin).
       NB: Does not include ‘pause’ function.

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