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Agents' Conference at the Peterborough Headquarters

More than 60 business partners from over 30 countries around the world, some travelling from as far as Australia, Chile, Brazil, Malaysia and Taiwan, as well as Europe and America joined us on the 29-30th of June for technical product updates, market analysis and team building at the Omega headquarters in Peterborough.

The opportunity to discuss current and future projects as well as innovation and product updates, were just a few aspects on the Agenda.

We all celebrated our partnership and business succes over dinner in the Peterborough Cathedral, which is one of the finest Norman cathedrals in England. Founded as a monastic community in 654 AD, it became one of the most significant medieval abbeys in the country, the burial place of two queens and the scene of Civil War upheavals.

This is another opportunity to thank everyone for taking part and for their continued support.


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