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Celebrating the Expansion of the Foundry at Finch Seaman Enfield Group Ltd

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FSE Group was established in January 2001 when Enfield Foundry Holdings Ltd merged its commercial foundry (Enfield Foundry) and pattern shop (Crockett-Orwin Patterns) with the Essex-based Finch Seaman Foundry, Nautilus Fine Art Foundry and AATi Ltd, makers of metal stairway products. Enfield Foundry moved from Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire where it had been since 1932, to Braintree in Essex. All casting and manufacturing is now carried out at a more modern and well equipped factory suitable for a progressive cast-metal-based engineering firm.
From 2002 to 2006 further re-structuring of FSE Group companies took place with Nautilus Fine Art Foundry absorbing Burleighfield Fine Arts (High Wycombe) and Morris Singer (Hampshire), calling itself Morris Singer Art Founders Limited. This Art Foundry was then sold by the FSE Group as a going concern but was finally closed in 2012 after being restructured and renamed Zahra Modern Fine Art Foundry.
David Bisset, Chairman is proud to share both his history with the company, going back to the 60's (please see the image showing the finishing of a cast nameplate for Alan Pegler’s 'Flying Scotsman' on one of their original cast prototype “workmates”) as well as the present, which puts the company in premium league with a reputation which is soon to be securing them prime place in the International Market.

The open day started with an introduction from Mr Bisset, followed by a comprehensive tour of the facilities. There is a great sense of hospitality and professionalism in the air. The new extension is a 10,000 sq foot state of the art addition to the existing facility and they are creating a special ‘hub’ for the latest Omega equipment with the aim to achieve "efficient, lean, production" as David explained. They are particularly proud of their Apprenticeship Programme, coordinated by John Bradley from BITECH. Also, the Local former Conservative MP and candidate, James Cleverly joined the celebrations at FSE and showed support for our industry.
Their success and enthusiasm is refreshing and we are extremely proud to be part of it.
For more information about FSE Group please follow: http://www.fsegroup.co.uk/

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