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Endeco Omega 8-station carousel moulding line

This foundry has subsequently had regular upgrades in equipment and in 2013 the Group showed further commitment to its African clients when the company acquired the plant, equipment and buildings of a specialist large casting foundry based in the Eastern Cape. 

The rationale behind the investment was that the profile of the Isando foundry limited the company to the size of castings manufactured and this needed to be addressed. The Isando foundry relies on two furnaces, each with a capacity of two tons per melt. Not operating in a dual melt situation has restricted the foundry to producing castings up to two and half tons per casting. Today, through the acquisition of the Eastern Cape foundry, the company offer product that can weigh up to 42 tons once fully assembled. Individual castings can weigh up to 18 tons and a single pour for a component or part could be up to 20 tons.

As the name of the acquisition suggests, the Eastern Cape foundry can now accommodate all of the company’s requirements for large castings. With the recent investment in the Isando foundry and the strategic decisions taken by local management, the Eastern Cape foundry will in future manufacture castings from one ton upwards and anything below one ton will be done at the Isando foundry.

Vision to double company’s business by 2021
“This all forms part of our vision that requires our manufacturing facilities in South Africa to fulfill all of the Africa operation needs and also have sufficient capacity to export castings, components and assembled product to sister companies around the world, all part of the Group’s global capacity sharing strategy, whilst at the same time creating jobs and supporting the local economy. Ultimately it is our vision to double the company’s business by 2021,” it was said during an interview I had recently with a senior management executive of the company.

The line has been installed to produce the moulds for high complex components up to 150 kilograms. The Endeco Omega 8-station carousel moulding line with a 2-station pattern changeover includes a new Endeco Omega 20 ton an hour continuous mixer

The installation of the moulding line is to automate, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of castings. 

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