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With computerised controls, production demands and slender profit margins it is necessary for today’s foundry to run with high levels of ‘up-time’ and scheduled maintenance instead of breakdown firefighting.  This has led to Omega’s development of remote access systems that can be shared by Omega as well as the user.  These remote access system enables the production equipment to be monitored remotely at any time of the day or night, for real-time production data, breakdown alarms and scheduled maintenance using cloud based technology.

To enable a remote access system a module must be installed into every relevant control panel, this module is then connected to the internet via a wired Ethernet cable or a GSM wireless connection.  Once connected, the machine can be remotely accessed by the end user or Omega from any PC, laptop or smart phone to see in real-time what activity is taking place.  In the case of a moulding line we can see production rates, breakdowns, alarms, history and scheduled maintenance.  In the case of an alarm, a SMS message can be immediately sent to the maintenance engineer and production head so that they can remote access the relative equipment to find out what is currently happening.  From this remote access window the decision can be made to reset the alarm, stop the plant or – if it is safe to do so – re-start the equipment.

This technology not only benefits the end user but the manufacturer as well as problems can be easily solved remotely by the Omega service department and software updates rapidly installed without the need to send engineers to site.  But the key feature here is multiple access on various smart devices from anywhere in the world using a Wi-Fi connection.  Text messages to your smart phone when a problem occurs is another key feature.  In short – much more two-way functionality and control.

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