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Omega wins court case against Lauds, in South Africa


These materials included a product catalogue, technical drawings of foundry equipment, manuals relating to foundry equipment, photographs of foundry equipment, marketing material relating to foundry equipment, advertising and sales brochures of foundry equipment, and general arrangements relating to foundry equipment.

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd sued Lauds Foundry Equipment (Pty) Ltd for Copyright Infringement and for competing unlawfully by passing off its product as that of Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.  After protracted litigation in the High Court, on 31 March 2016 the High Court found in favour of Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd and ordered Lauds Foundry Equipment to cease all infringement of Omega’s copyright, to cease all unlawful competition with Omega,   delivery up for destruction all copies of the original work and/or the offending work, delivery up of all infringing spare parts or other equipment which is being manufactured or has been manufactured in accordance with the Omega’s proprietary material and copyright, together with all marketing and advertising materials in respect thereof, an enquiry as to damages suffered by Omega as a result of the infringement as aforesaid and payment by Lauds of the amount of damages found to have been so suffered, and costs of the Court case.

It is clear that Lauds Foundry Equipment (Pty) Ltd had infringed the copyright of Omega and had unlawfully competed with Omega as a result and has now been ordered to cease these activities, deliver up for destruction all infringing materials and materials used for unlawfully competing with Omega, and to pay Omega damages and costs of the court case.

Omega is very pleased that the courts have ruled in our favour and that our claim of copyright infringement has been upheld.

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