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Sinto's 85th Anniversary

Sinto's 85 Anniversary is all about connecting to the future and celebrating success  
Sinto celebrated its 85th anniversary in Toyokawa, at the Company's Works. Empoyees from around the world were invited to take part in the festivities. Alongside with enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the company with each step around the facilities at the Toyokawa Works, there were many organised activities which guests could take part in. To mark the special event, Sinto entrered a competition for the largest mosaic made out of bottle caps ... and we won! The total number of bottle caps used to make the mosaic art was 105,840 and they were collected by the Sinto employees over the year. 70 panels were put together and the final size of the mosaic art completed was 108 square meters.
Our story was on the news all over Japan that day. The picture for the mosaic was a drawing of one of the employees in Japan. It represents the employees looking at the rising sun - the Sinto Sun (our company's logo) - "connecting to the future"

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