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Happy customers, successful foundry projects

Omega Sinto celebrate success in India with the AIA project
Despite the challenges of the pandemic, AIA Engineering based in Ahmedabad/Gujarat in India continue with their latest expansion and greenfield site development of a new foundry. A “Pooja” ceremony  was held after the  Omega Sinto shakeout was placed in position. Once complete the foundry will consist of a fully integrated box-less moulding line, capable of producing 4 moulds per hour with a maximum size of 3.2m long x 1.8m wide and 1.8m high. Included in the project will be automated pouring cooling lines, shakeout, mechanical reclamation, chromite separation and thermal reclamtion. The new foundry, producing 30,000 tons per year, is expected to be operational by mid-2021, congratulations to all involved at AIA Engineering.

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