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The importance of after sales support and regular foundry service


Omega Sinto are a foundry equipment manufacturer with a difference – we support your foundry plant from the moment you receive your quotation. Since 1984, we have sought to combine our global reach with a local presence in order to provide a comprehensive foundry service that extends beyond installation.

In our previous article - ‘Quotation to Installation: The process of providing a long-lasting solution for your foundry’ - we discussed the process of commissioning Omega Sinto to build, audit and install equipment for your foundry. Whether it’s semi-automatic mechanised mould handling machinery or fully-customisable core shooters, Omega Sinto are well-known for providing specialised equipment that aims to diversify your foundry plant and become reliable staples in your everyday production.

However, the lesser known element of our internationally-acclaimed foundry solutions is our dedication to after-sales support - standing by your foundry plant via specialised parts, technical support and periodical foundry service plans, even after installation.

Periodical Foundry Service

Servicing and Maintenance

In order to ensure that the equipment you commission from Omega Sinto is built to last, we offer a variety of foundry service plans that aim to audit the health of your equipment and complete preventative maintenance that interrupts a machine on course to breakdown. Our engineers are available to visit your site and complete routine equipment checks – working to avoid machine downtime, workplace accidents and costly damage repair.

Spare parts

Omega Sinto also provide a specialised spare parts service to keep the downtime of your foundry plant at a minimum. All of our spare parts are designed and developed in-house by our engineers in order to ensure that they are of the same, high-standard of quality as those fitted from new.

We understand that poor quality parts can affect the working conditions of foundry equipment very easily. Opting for original components for Omega foundry machines eliminates the risk of damage and provide a safe, authentic solution to prolong the life of your plant and maintain production goals.

If you would like to submit a spare parts request or speak to a member of our team about the stock of our parts, you can contact [email protected] with your queries.

After-sales support

Technical Assistance

As part of our after-sales support process, Omega customers have constant access to our web-based technical advice team. Whether you need assistance with diagnosis or maintenance, our team are easily reachable and on-hand to offer specialised, expert insight into any issues that you encounter with Omega Sinto foundry equipment.

If you would like to access our technical support team, you can reach them via email at any time – [email protected]

To partner with a foundry equipment manufacturer that aims to support your foundry throughout installation and beyond, contact a member of our team via email [email protected], telephone +44 (0) 1733 232231 or by submitting an enquiry via our online form.

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