GIFA 2019

Carousel Plant by Omega Foundry Machinery

Sand reclamation Gamma LL15 by Omega Foundry

Sinto Smart Foundry Concept

Sinto Global Vision

Better Castings

OMEGA Sinto proudly supports training in the foundry industry

FAIL Foundry, Italy Omega Installation

GIFA 2019 interview with Mark Lewis, MD at Omega

Robotic Sand Milling

Omega Sinto Corporate Video

The Largest rollover! by Omega Foundry

Peekay Steel Castings, India Installation by Omega Foundry

Shuttle System by Omega

Fast Loop System by Omega

Carousel by Omega

Behringer, Germany Installation by Omega Foundry

FON SKB, Poland Installation by Omega Foundry

Innova Systems, Case Study at Omega

IRIS Auto Teach

Auto Run

Casting the Future

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