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Omega Foundry Equipment

Our diverse range of foundry equipment is designed and manufactured by our experienced team of engineers.

From sand mixing to core making, Omega Sinto has the expertise to manufacture machinery for all parts of the metal casting process. With over 30 years of experience in the industry we have supplied quality foundry equipment to companies across the globe and comfortably maintain a market-leading influence in the industry.

Sand Mixers

The Omega range of continuous sand mixers helps to reduce chemical consumption, increase productivity, and improve mould quality with its innovative range of features.

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Sand Reclamation

Browse the full Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd range of primary, secondary, and thermal reclamation plants, ranging from 1 to 60TPH.

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Mould Handling Equipment

Omega Sinto has a full range of semi-automatic mechanised mould handling systems. Choose from carousel, fast loop or shuttle designs to suit the range of mould sizes produced.

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Core Making

We have a wide variety of ‘jobbing’ type core shooters to suit your core production needs.

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Coating Plants
Coating plants to produce resin coated sand from 5-10TPH.
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Omega Connect
Omega Connect is a web-based monitoring system incorporating state-of-the-art technology to link Omega Sinto control panels to the cloud enabling our equipment to be monitored and adjusted remotely, anywhere in the world via web browser access.
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Foundry Machinery Accessories
Reduce cost with efficient Omega solutions for foundry clean-up
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Benefits of Sand Casting

What is Chemically bonded or ‘no bake’ sand casting?

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Omega Foundry Equipment for Sale

We stock a wide range of immediately available machinery, ready for fast delivery and quick installation into your foundry. Email us at [email protected] for more details about the current stock list.

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