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Sand Reclamation

Browse the full Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd range of primary, secondary, and thermal reclamation plants, ranging from 1 to 60TPH.

Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery has a comprehensive range of primary, secondary and thermal reclamation plants, ranging up to 30 TPH.
Our Gamma range features convenient shakeout and attrition combinations, a variety of sizes, and heavy-duty decks for long-lasting wear resistance. No matter the size of your foundry, Omega Sinto has the ideal machine for you.
It’s not only shakeout decks that we specialise in - from standalone shakeout decks and pneumatic sand conveyors, to cooler classifiers and chromite separation units, secure the best quality sand reclamation possible with Omega Sinto.
 n plants ranging from 0.25 - 12TPH incorporate our patented ‘dead bed’ technology and heat recovery system, making them the lowest maintenance terminal on the market today.
It’s not only silica sand reclamation that we specialise in, we also manufacture pneumatic sand conveyors, cooler classifiers, and chromite separation units.
Secure the best quality sand reclamation possible with Omega Sinto.
Omega GV Sand Reclamation
The Omega Gamma Vator is available in two models, 1 and 3TPH. The units have an integral shakeout deck, elevator, and optional fluidised discharge for fines removal.
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Omega Low Level Sand Reclamation
Available in four models, Omega's low-level range combines a floor mounted shakeout with attrition unit, allowing installation without the need for deep foundations or pits.
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Omega High Level Range Sand Machine
Omega’s high-level range of sand reclamation equipment has six models available and can be either payloader fed or positioned beneath a shakeout.
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Omega GM Combination Shakeout and Reclamation
Available in four models with output from 15-20TPH and deck loads from 7-12T, Omega Sinto's Gamma Major provides combination shakeout and attrition for larger foundries.
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Omega GM+ Combination Shakeout and Reclamation
For foundries requiring the next level up, the Gamma Major Plus model, with deck loads up to 50T, is the ideal solution.
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Omega Shakeout Decks
For very large applications up to 100T deck load, a standalone shakeout will quickly and efficiently break down the mould to lump size for further processing downstream.
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Omega Cooler Classifier
Available in nine models ranging from 1-30TPH, the Omega cooler classifier cools sand down to within 6oC of the inlet water temperature whilst simultaneously removing fines.
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Omega Sand Conveying Pressure Vessels
Omega manufactures and supplies both full pipe and dense phase variations of our pneumatic sand conveyors. 
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Omega Chromite Separation
Our chromite sand separation systems ensure that the reclaimed chromite has a purity level > 98%.
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Omega USR Secondary Attrition
Omega’s USR secondary attrition unit will typically remove 50% of the binder without damaging the sand grain.
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Omega Thermal Reclamation
Omega’s gas-fired thermal reclamation plants available from 0.25-12TPH for reclamation of all sand systems. The equipment features a patented dead bed and bubble cap design.
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