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Benefits of Sand Casting

What is Chemically bonded or ‘no bake’ sand casting?

CBS casting is a widely employed technique in the casting industry, particularly effective when incorporating chemically bonded or no-bake sand. Molten metal is poured into an expendable sand mould by gravity, the metal solidifies to form the shape of the cavity. A 3D object is formed by this process, which is the casting.

CBS is one of the most widely used metal casting manufacturing process accounting for a significant percentage of the total casting production by weight, it is highly favoured by jobbing foundries and enables the creation of intricate and robust castings in almost any grade of metal.


Omega pioneering the way in the use of chemically bonded Sand Casting

CBS Casting process is focused on low runs and speciality castings from a few Kg’s to many tonnes, and services industries such as construction, mining, automotive, marine and petrochemical. Omega has developed equipment over the years to suit this process making it the most flexible and productive way of producing these types of castings.

Our CBS machines can be customised to meet your needs and will offer you a wide range of options depending on your requirements.

  • Material range variety: from non-ferrous to ferrous, super alloys, duplex etc
  • Lower production cost: With low-cost tooling and the use of sand reclamation techniques this process offers the most competitive way to produce high integrity with low run production.
  • Fast production time: CBS is one of the quickest manufacturing processes to help foundries to meet short deadlines.
  • Sustainable: Through our Sand Reclamation process, you can recover up to 80% inorganic and 90% of organic sand, helping saving time, costs and the reduce environmental impact.

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