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Mould Handling Equipment

Omega Sinto has a full range of semi-automatic mechanised mould handling systems. Choose from carousel, fast loop or shuttle designs to suit the range of mould sizes produced.

Mould handling is a crucial part of any foundry and Omega Sinto specialises in developing tailored solutions from fast loop to carousel systems with ancillary equipment such as flood coating, compaction tables, coring areas, automatic mould closing and pouring and cooling lines. Our mould handling equipment is suitable for any foundry as our engineers make efficient use of space and liaise directly with you to create a system that works.
Foundry Carousel Machine
The Omega Sinto Carousel system is the perfect alternative to the fast loop system, offering a space saving solution for any sized foundry.
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Omega Fast Loop
Ideal for larger castings, the fast loop mould handling system is easily adjusted to suit individual foundry requirements.
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Omega Shuttle
The Omega Shuttle System is ideal for the automated production of large boxed moulds with varying fill and stripping times.
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Omega Compaction Tables
Auto and manual compaction tables with frequency control are available to give consistent compaction of the mould.
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Omega Rollover Stripping Station
Omega Sinto manufacture rollover stripping stations from size 2 up to size 9 with bespoke options available.
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Omega Mould Drying
As part of our mould handling capabilities, Omega Sinto manufactures four different mould driers to efficiently dry water-based coatings.
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Omega Flood Coater
With four different flood coating options to choose from, Omega Sinto can find the right solution for you.
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Manipulator Equipment
For handling boxless and boxed moulds, the Omega Sinto range of manipulators covers most mould sizes and are available as pneumatic, electric and hydraulic versions.
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Omega Chain Manipulator
For handling large moulds, typically from 15T upwards to 100T.
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Automatic Mould Closing
Close your moulds with perfect accuracy and without the need for operator intervention using an Omega Sinto Autocloser, tailored to meet your exact requirements.
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Pouring and Cooling Lines
Automatic pouring and cooling lines ensure complete control over the process including cooling time monitoring.
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