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Omega Sinto Rollover Stripping Station

Omega Rollover Stripping Station

| Mould Handling Equipment

As a leading supplier of complete mould handling systems, Omega Sinto has the capabilities to deliver rollover stripping stations to suit a multitude of different requirements. We understand the demands of the industry, offering durable solutions built to withstand even the most intense operational conditions. Our stripping stations are suitable for moulds from 500mm x 500mm up to 3500mm x 2500mm as standard, however, we can provide bespoke options up to 7000mm in length.

Every Omega Sinto rollover stripping station features a vibration assist system for improved mould stripping.

Also featuring an advanced hydraulic driven rotation system, the rollover stripping station can ensure smooth and precise rotation. The use of engineering-grade components in construction results in a system which requires very little maintenance, offering key performance in an industrial environment. 

Omega Sinto has integrated the latest forms of smart technology into each rollover stripping station. Each unit includes multiple proof-of-draw sensors, each with variable sensitivity. This delivers the option to detect multiple moulds in the common frame, offering unrivalled mould-stripping capabilities. 

To learn more, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0) 1733 237012.
  • Speciality rollover options available for moulds up to 7000mm in length
  • C-type designs for a 90-degree ejection, ideal as a space saving solution
  • Extensive sizes and configurations for integration into existing workflows
  • Robust and durable construction for low maintenance requirements
  • Hydraulic driven for smooth and precise rotation and encoder positioning

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