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Consistent Foundry Production Over Christmas

Preventative maintenance for foundries is vital to reduce machine downtime and maintain a consistent level of production – especially over the Christmas period, where repair and assistance is extremely limited.
Finding a reliable maintenance and technical assistance provider with the capability to service your plant at regular intervals throughout the working year is the key to prevent machine breakdown. Omega Sinto are well-equipped to provide periodical and regular preventative maintenance for foundries that aims to keep your plant and equipment operating to its highest level.
As a leading manufacturer and installer of foundry plant equipment, Omega Sinto engineers know our foundry equipment better than anyone – making us the ideal preventative maintenance partner all year round.

Corrective vs preventative maintenance for foundries

There are two main categories of maintenance for foundries – corrective and preventative. A maintenance and servicing provider can distinguish between the two by the circumstances of the visit.

Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is the reactive repair of equipment after it has entered the state of breakdown. This type of maintenance for foundries can involve a costly call-out and repair charge to restore the functionality of your plant and get it back up to working condition.
The options for corrective maintenance drastically reduce over the Christmas period as call-out engineers are less readily available over the public holiday. As foundry repair is a specialised and expert service, a last-minute repair over a public holiday can be costly and difficult to source.

Preventative maintenance:

Preventative maintenance refers to the process of engineers visiting your site at periodical intervals throughout the year to conduct a health check-up of your foundry plant equipment – a machine breakdown does not need to occur for this service visit. Often, preventative maintenance works to provide insights into the quality standards and predicted longevity of your current equipment.
Without a regular preventative maintenance plan in place, many foundries can expect to rely on expensive corrective maintenance repairs much more frequently.
Why wait for the chaos of a machine breakdown to discover the health of your foundry equipment? Preventative maintenance for foundries works to regularly audit the working conditions of your plant and aims to identify small faults and intervene in their repair to prevent interrupted production.

How can Omega Sinto provide maintenance for my foundry?

Omega Sinto engineers are highly-qualified, experienced individuals within the foundry industry and are well-versed on both corrective and preventative maintenance repairs. As a leading innovator providing foundry solutions to a global reach, our maintenance services are comprehensive and offer a high-level of support.
As your foundry maintenance partner, Omega Sinto can provide the following:
  • Reactive breakdown visits
  • Parts fitting services
  • Planned service visits
  • Equipment maintenance contracts
  • Upgrades to existing equipment
  • Site supervision
Find more information about the maintenance services that Omega Sinto can provide for your foundry by watching our support video.
From planned service visits to reactive breakdown assistance, contact us to discover the benefits of choosing Omega Sinto as your foundry maintenance partner. You can get in touch with a member of our team via email [email protected], telephone +44 (0) 1733 232231 or by submitting an enquiry via our online form.

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