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Omega Sinto Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership with Sane Equipments, in India

The 15th anniversary of Omega Foundry Machinery joint venture with Sane Equipment PVT Ltd, based in Pune INDIA, heralds a new era of local manufacturing.

Being active in the Indian market since 1989, we always realised the need to have a local source of manufacturing”, Mark Fenyes states, Chairman of Omega Sinto. “Despite spending a lot of time looking for suitable partners over the years, we couldn’t find an organisation that embraced our values and vision for the future.”

In 2009 Omega acquired Richards Engineering, and during discussions found out that they had an appointed licensee in India, which was Mr Nitin Sane, of Sane Equipments.

On my next visit to India I met with Nitin and immediately new he was the right partner for our business.

Initially we manufactured a limited range of equipment locally to service those smaller foundries that were not capable of importing equipment from the UK, whilst at the same time we used the joint venture to support larger turn-key installations the company was undertaking in India.

As time progressed, it became obvious that the JV should play a wider role in the market, and as such, the range of machines that can be produced locally has been significantly increased. 

The product range that can be manufactured locally has now been increased to cover the majority of the range of equipment from Omega Sinto. Equipment is manufactured in the new factory that was built in 2020 and covers 60,000Sq feet. Plans for a second larger factory are in the pipeline, which is credit to the succes the Sane Team is enjoying. 

Nitin Sane, along with his son Siddarth, and the rest of the Sane Team have done an outstanding job in manufacturing and supporting our commercial reach through our partners Gargi Engineering in India, who we have been associated with for nearly 40 years. 

With now over 400 installations in India, we wish Nitin and his team continued success for the future!

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