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Upgrading your Foundry Equipment

Omega Sinto prides itself on its innovation in foundry technology, and the quality of our foundry equipment.  This article will provide a guide to our extensive range of cutting-edge facilities and products. More than just an equipment provider, our products are accompanied by our extensive expertise in manufacturing of no-bake equipment and full turn-key service—so you can rest assured that the design, manufacture and installation is at its hight of professionalism and efficinecy.

Sand Mixers

Omega Sinto’s extensive range of sand mixers provide solutions to any foundry, regardless of size. Ranging from the entry-level Omega 200 Series for those smaller foundries, to the Omega 400 Sand Mixer for larger applications, there is something for every requirement.
Our sand mixers are essential for maintaining a consistent blend of sand, with blades designed specifically for angular and easily damaged sands. Consistency is crucial in order to produce high-quality moulds in the metal casting process; our sand mixers never compromise on consistency of quality.
Further to this, our sand mixers are proficient in the reduction of waste, with entirely optimised mixing for the lowest binder levels. Utilising less binder can ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious foundry process, whilst also saving on binder costs.


Sand Reclamation

Our foundry equipment and supplies involve a comprehensive range of primary, secondary and thermal sand reclamation plants. If your business seeks to maximise profits and minimise the waste produced by foundries, our sand reclamation plants are highly efficient in preserving resources and ensuring the reclaimed sand maintains the highest quality standards.
The Omega thermal reclamation plants range from 0.25 – 12TPH and incorporate Omega Sinto’s patented ‘dead bed’ technology, alongside an advanced heat recovery system.

Mould Handling Equipment

Our diverse range of semi-automatic mechanised mould handling equipment provides solutions for any foundry, including carousel, fast loop and shuttle designs. Tailored to suit different foundry requirements, our specialist equipment ensures precise and consistent mould handling, thus ensuring a higher degree of worker safety by reducing the handling of heavy loads.
In particular, the Foundry Carousel Machine is a great example of mould handling equipment; its innovative design allows for effortless pattern ejection between the carousel, rollover and pattern table.

Core Making

Omega Sinto’s extensive range of core making equipment is tailored for gas-hardened systems, and our wide variety is a demonstration of our dedication to meeting the requirements of every foundry. Our skilled engineers are able to customise each piece of core making equipment to suit individual and provide tailored solutions, unique necessities, including the capacity and overall size.
Our products range from the Basic Core Shooter Range, to the Omega Cold Box Core Machines, capable of holding larger capacities.

Coating Plants

Coating plants are of paramount importance in the world of foundries, with the even and effective coating of sand required for optimal performance in the casting process. Our range of cutting-edge automatic coating plant machinery is manufactured for the production of resin coated sand, and oil/gas exploration FRAC sand.
Including a disintegrator, coating mixer, cooler classifier, and an advanced control panel, our coating plants maintain optimal solutions for achieving a thorough sand coating method.

Omega Sinto’s Foundry Equipment for Sale

Alternatively, Omega Sinto offers a variety of foundry equipment for sale, including all of the readily available, current stock for those looking to upgrade, or rather request a specific piece of replacement equipment. All machinery located in this category is readily available, and deliverable in short turnaround time.
Whether you would like more information on our range of foundry equipment and supplies, or to make an enquiry about a specific piece of equipment, reach out to our knowledgeable team of experts via email, telephone, or by submitting an enquiry through our online form.

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