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Omega Sinto 400

Omega 400 Sand Mixer

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The Omega 400 is the newest model in our continuous mixer range. We at Omega Sinto have developed the high-end IV series to cater for more advanced metal casting foundries looking for a robust sand mixing solution. Supplied in three different forms to adhere to the individual requirements of our customers the Omega 400 is extremely versatile. The pivotal mixer has an output range of 3-100TPH and the articulated mixers, both screw and belt arm, offer an output range of between 10-100TPH. 
The Omega 400 features an offset discharge which allows the smooth discharge of quality mixed sand and can also feature an optional integrated fumematic. The reversible turbo blade is tungsten tipped on both sides for an extended life-span and can be easily changed if needed. This low maintenance continuous mixer can deliver ultra-high-speed mixing for the most demanding of foundries.
As a manufacturer of quality foundry machinery, Omega Sinto can tailor all of our solutions to meet your exact requirements. Call us today on +44 (0) 1733 237012 for more detailed product specifications.
  • 3-100TPH
  • Extremely low binder levels achievable
  • Offset discharge for improved flowability of sand and reduction in sand build up
  • Reversible tungsten tipped turbo blade giving ‘twice’ the operating life
  • Ultra-high-speed mixing
  • Optional extras including integrated fumematic

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