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Omega Sinto RFID Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition System

| Sand Mixers

Omega Sinto’s capabilities go beyond manufacturing standard foundry machinery. Our RFID pattern recognition system has been specifically developed with innovative technology to aid production in the metal casting industry. Integrating an RFID pattern recognition system into your current workflow could increase production, reduce overall material consumption and improve the consistency and quality of final materials.
Every foundry requires their own unique recipes and with RFID pattern recognition, it has become easier to ensure mixers are producing the exact blend needed. The RFID tag is simply embedded into the pattern and once programmed, gives the mixer and compaction table the exact recipe automatically without the need for further input.
The RFID system features Auto Teach for easy programming which features a range of clear operational screens and includes job card integration into each recipe. Remote PC access to detailed reports comes as standard and can offer insights into material consumption and costs, as well as production quantities and costs.
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  • Increased production
  • Reduces material consumption by up to 20%
  • Improved output consistency and quality
  • Detailed reporting on material and production efficiency

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