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New strategic alliance between Omega and Sinto

Omega has had strong ties with Japanese based Sintokogio Ltd. for over six years now and under a license agreement has successfully built and marketed their ‘USR’ range of secondary reclamation units.

Based on this success and to build upon the relationship further the two companies have recently formed a strategic alliance that will have the following benefits;

·        Increase range of products manufactured under license by Omega
·        Further Penetration of no-bake markets
·        Improved service and support

Statement from Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd;

By combining the strengths of the two companies together will allow us to consolidate existing markets with an improved product portfolio whist at the same time expanding into areas that up until now have not been developed due to geographical constraints. These are very exciting times for Omega and we look forward to further growth with Sintokogio.

Mark Fenyes
Chairman, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd, Peterborough, UK.

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